AI4LAM talk: Reality bytes – what happens to crowdsourced / AI data?

We're presenting on the AI4LAM Community Call for April 2024.

Reality bytes: What happens after your crowdsourcing or AI projects?

Our abstract: There's a long history of successful crowdsourcing projects around the world. However, many of these projects struggle with a critical, final aspect of their project: integrating data created or enriched by online volunteers into collections management systems and discovery interfaces. Discussions in the AI4LAM community indicate that many projects using machine learning / AI tools will face the same issues. 

Mia, Sam, and Meghan will discuss the lessons from crowdsourcing that apply to ML / AI – from the work needed before, during and after to ensure data can be used; supporting people involved in these processes based on what has been learned in projects that blend crowdsourcing + ML; to what is done when you get the data; and the need to interrogate ongoing methods in light of emerging technologies and your organisation's values. 

They’ll conclude by connecting these themes to the recommendations of the 2023 Collective Wisdom Project White Paper. They’ll also invite you to share or complete a survey about ingesting / integrating data enriched by crowdsourcing and/or AI/machine learning into digital collections platforms.

A blog post has further information and a preview of all the survey questions: The survey takes about 15 mins to complete: and the results will be shared with the AI4LAM community.

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