How have you used the Collective Wisdom Handbook?

In the now more than two years(!) since we kicked off our Book Sprint in March 2021, we have had wonderful experiences among our team of authors using the Collective Wisdom Handbook to create new crowdsourcing projects as well as teach and communicate about crowdsourcing via workshops, presentations, etc. In order to get a better idea of this book's reach and impact, we need to hear from you!

Feel free to Tweet us about your experiences, or email Mia Ridge via In your message, please include:

  • Your name, position, and institution.
  • A brief statement describing how you have you used the Handbook.
  • What, if any, feedback you have received about the Handbook or its impact on your course/discussion/presentation/etc.

Thanks very much in advance for your help, and for taking the time to engage with this work.

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