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Back in July I was interviewed for MadeTech's Making Tech Better podcast by Clare Sudbery. I really enjoyed our conversation, so do have a listen.

Some of my favourite quotes from the transcript include the reason I care so much about good UX design for crowdsourcing and digital engagement:

That's really the joy of crowdsourcing, finding a task that in itself is intrinsically satisfying, so it doesn't feel like you are volunteering, it feels like a hobby.

Or reflecting on my project In the Spotlight:

For me a real marker of success isn't how many words people type into your project. I want people to have those experiences where they go off and spend half an hour learning about the history of rigging in theatres, or how people got paid or how roles were divided, or the history of stage management or stage prop design. Then they come back, and they finish typing in words. That, to me, is a marker of success.

And finally, our Collective Wisdom handbook is about

trying to match the really hard-won experiential knowledge that people who run projects and who volunteer on projects have, with academic research.

Practitioners don't have access to journal articles and don't have time to read and translate highly sophisticated, experimental models into practice. A lot more work could be done in bridging academia and practice, or learning from the commercial sector and applying it into practice.

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