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Getting started with crowdsourcing in cultural heritage and academia?

With so many people around the world being asked to stay in and prevent the spread of coronavirus, there's been a surge of participation in crowdsourcing projects – and a surge of interest in setting up new projects.

With that in mind, we (Mia, Sam and Meghan) wanted to provide a space where people thinking about new crowdsourcing projects with cultural heritage or academic collections and research could get some help. We want to help projects avoid common errors, anticipate and manage issues they might face, and ease fears about what can go wrong.

To provide somewhere to share questions and answers, we set up a public Humanities Commons group called 'Crowdsourcing' for anyone using online crowdsourcing for research, or researching the practice of crowdsourcing for research in the humanities. Anyone can create an account on Humanities Commons to post a question or share ideas.

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We also started a thread on 'Getting started with crowdsourcing in GLAMS and academia: your questions sought', and invite you to post questions or coments. If you’re thinking about setting up a crowdsourcing project, what questions, hopes, fears do you have? Alternatively, if you've run or participated in a project, what pointers to resources or lessons learnt can you share?

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